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There is no out of the box functionality to install client side certificates on Windows Phone 7. So, if you are going to test MintWallet you need to transfer a MintChip certificate first. Therefore download the MintWallet certificate installer CertInstaller. If you don’t have already a Visual Studio Edition installed on your PC, then install Visual Studio Express for WP7 first. Connect your device, start the MintWallet app. You will see a prompt for installing the certificate. Now start the CertInstaller on your PC, select a certificate and transfer it. Once you got the thumb up from the installer you can hit the refresh button in MintWallet and enter the password for the certificate. If you have trouble using the CertInstaller or want to test MintWallet on an emulator you could also use IsoStoreSpy and copy the certificate into the root folder of the MintWallet app. IsoStoreSpy is available here


Welcome to MintWallet 

With the arrival of the MintChip from the Royal Canadian Mint the evolution of cash has risen to a new level. MintWallet is leveraging this new world of possibilities and sets users free from the limitations of legacy payment methods, including cash and plastic cards. Backed up by a cloud hosted peer-to-peer network called the Mint Network, it offers the most convenient way to send and receive virtual cash. It’s like instant messaging for your wallet, it’s that easy. The intuitive user interface features a Home screen that gives you important information at a glance and it lets you access all of MintWallet’s innovative features. 

The Network tile accesses the MintNetwork where you can find your friends, the coffee shop around the corner or the local parking authority. All supported with reliable cloud technology and modern features like push notifications. Everybody can participate, be a merchant, a customer or both at the same time. MintWallet enables you to pay for your latest acquisition on Craigslist, sell your old CD collection in a garage sale or collect donations for charity.

Creating a money request is as simple as filling in a few fields. The money request is sent to all of the participants that you choose.  The money request also automatically creates a QR code that can be scanned as a quick and easy payment method. The request feature can be used to let a group of colleagues each pitch in a set amount towards the purchase of somebody’s birthday gift. MintWallet keeps track of replies for each request and conveniently displays information about how many replied and how much money your MintWallet has collected.

To send money is as simple as selecting a payee, entering the amount and adding a reference. When sending money in reply to a money request the fields are automatically filled in for you. Once a payment is successfully generated from your MintChip, it will be locally stored. Even on unreliable network connections no money is lost. The payment can be sent over the air or it can be scanned from one device to another via an automatically generated QR code.

MintWallet provides a rich platform that enables inventive scenarios. The “Pay the Meter” and “Split the Bill” tiles are the first examples of how MintWallet becomes even more convenient in specific use cases.

“Pay the Meter” allows you to simply scan the QR code of any MintNetwork enabled meter, adjust the parking duration and send the money. MintWallet not only makes it exceptionally easy to pay your parking fees, but the app will even set a reminder for 15 minutes before your parking time ends.

“Split the Bill” is another mini app within MintWallet, which takes care of the annoying and time consuming task of splitting a bill among friends or colleagues. One person (the host) enters the total bill and adjusts tax/tip and adds participants. Each participant will instantly receive a request for payment. The portion that each participant pays can be changed, or by default equalized. Portions due to be paid are sent as money requests. Since replies to a request are tracked, you can easily see who has replied and how much money was collected by your MintWallet in total.

MintWallet for WindowsPhone is just the very first client for the MintNetwork. Clients for the web, iOS, Android and point of sale device will extend the possibilities.

Get MintWallet for your WindowsPhone and join the MintNetwork today. Handling cash has never been this easy!

QR code examples

The following section contains some sample QR codes to demonstrate the scan functionality of MintWallet. Each QR code contains a simple message that can be processed by MintWallet to create payment requests or to configure specialized applets within MintWallet.  

QR codes for paying requests could be easily generated by point of sale systems that are connected to MintNetwork. So paying for your favourite coffee would be just one scan away. 


Of course you don’t need to be a merchant to use QR code technology to sell your old books. Anybody could place a QR code at his garage sale and make it easy to pay via MintWallet. How could it be more convenient for people to stop by and spend some dollars?

The idea of MintNetwork enabled parking meters makes paying your parking fee a breeze. Not hunting for matching exchange or cleaning the magnetic stripe of your credit card. Just scan the QR code at the meter and pay within seconds. Plus you get a reminder before your time is up.


MintWallet can even give a new twist to traditional advertising. Putting virtual cash into QR codes for random members of the MintNetwork to win instantly, will for sure raise attraction to any street-side advertisements.